We have implemented a new TMS, Tai Software, that is on the cutting edge of technology automation in the logistics world.

It is capable of handling all of your domestic freight needs, powered by our Truckload and LTL Carrier relationship.

See your quoted versus booked volumes by month, and generate custom analytics reports.

Real access to your shipment history, quote history, invoice statement, address books, product catalogs.

Start a new order to get an instant LTL rate or to request a truckload rate from your support team.

TMS Benefit


Our TMS Front Office is as streamlined and intuitive as they come. Giving you access to your shipments in ways you’ve never imagined, while also keeping it simple.

TMS Benefit


You can get LTL rates from all Carriers that service your lanes instantaneously, instead of going to each Carriers site or emailing multiple.  Our APIs with the Carriers allow for instant tendering and dispatching.

TMS Benefit


Whether you book LTL or Truckload in our TMS, you will have access to the most recent tracking notes, or live pings showing where the truck is if you request telematic tracking.

TMS Benefit


Have all your BOLs in one place, with the ability to send straight from our system, which is a huge time saver if you are sending BOLs and Packing Lists frequently.

TMS Benefit


Your shipping data belongs to you, so we give you easy access to reports and can create custom reports at your request that can be automated and sent to whoever you want on a schedule.  

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