"No soup for you." —Seinfeld

Container capacity, port congestion, and supply chain demand have prices skyrocketing and service plummeting.


Challenge One

Container Cost Chaos

Chasing price without knowing specifics often leads to even higher final costs.  We see many Shippers find the service they paid for isn’t what they thought they were getting, now they have added costs eating their bottom line.


Challenge Two

Customs Clearance Issues

Customs clearance can cause major problems, and many Shippers we’ve worked with haven’t interviewed their Customs Broker for fit and to ensure they care.  In turn, they often don’t care and will have bigger fish to fry.


Challenge Three

Gaps in Supply Chain Control

We often get asked to help with a final mile rescue for a container just sitting there at the port, but we can’t help because our client allows their overseas Shipper to arrange transport, which limits your control over your shipment.


Challenge Four

Where's My Stuff?

Clients often come to us after dealing with major delays, despite paying nearly $20K for a container, and to top it off they have no visibility on where their stuff is and their current Forwarded isn’t known for responsiveness.

The Concept Approach

Let's take a closer look.

Most of the port congestion can’t be avoided, especially through Covid, but that doesn’t mean the port your containers are routed through are the only ports available to you.  The two busiest ports in the US are two of the poorest performing ports in the world, so we will investigate if there are other ways to get your product to its final destination.

Aiming for "less costly".

There is no such thing as cheap Ocean moves right now, and many Shippers are trying to save money, then finding they didn’t get the service (Door to Door) they thought they were getting.  Our Forwarding partners will take the time to fully understand what your needs are and provide the best all-inclusive price they can, performing even better when they are quoting on larger container volumes.

Customs brokers that care.

Because our Forwarder partners do considerable business with Concept, they care about our clients and don’t want to let you or us down.  They also know that we will let them know if standards aren’t being met, and we can get real decision-makers on a call to improve the service provided.

Regain some control of the outcome.

If you are a US Shipper bringing container freight into the States, you are typically paying for the freight anyway, so we recommend you take control of that by scheduling it with our Forwarding partners so you have more of a say.  This also helps make sure you are working with Forwarders with US offices, as we frequently see our Shippers looking for that call at 10 PM EST when the Chinese Forwarder is in to communicate details.

Bridging the visibility gap.

Two of our Forwarder partners have web portals that give tracking visibility of your containers while on the water, and the couple partners that don’t commit to a communication standard that doesn’t leave you wondering, “where is my stuff”?

Results delivered


Our Forwarder partners have their own Customs Brokerage, giving them more control of the clearance, which greatly reduces the risk of demurrage charges caused by customs delays.

Honest Analytics

We help our clients regain control of their container shipping by lining up a better Forwarder partner, giving our clients back some control and flexibility.

A Quality TMS

We help Forwarder partners better understand how your Ocean or Air freight is currently being handled, then look for alternative ways to get your products quicker, with less delays and more communication.

Spot to Dedicated

We give you more visibility through better communication between both Concept and the Forwarder partner we line up, and for the ones that have portals, our clients have more visibility than they are used to.


You are going to pay a premium in 2022 versus what containers moved for in 2019, but our Forwarder partners have longstanding relationships and tariffs that sometimes allows them to save a few thousand dollars, or at a minimum, deliver a competitive rate that comes with much better service.